Coolness - The Blues Experience - You Dont Do That Anymore (CD, Album)

With his raw, hoarse growl of a voice and searing slide guitar accompaniment, Johnson pioneered a unique blues style in Texas that also referenced gospel music. Everything that Johnson recorded is on this track compilation, a compelling testament to his genius. From McComb, Mississippi, Ellas Otha Bates is better known as Bo Diddley, a much-decorated rhythm and blues pioneer whose influence helped to shape the landscapes of rock and pop.

Though she comes from Burbank, California, Raitt is a soulful singer and bottleneck guitarist whose music is steeped in the delta blues sound. Though she was only 23 at the time, Raitt shows a remarkable musical maturity, convincingly uniting disparate styles via her passion for the music. He began his career in for a small Chicago indie label called Artistic before joining Chess a year later, where he stayed until Patton was arguably the most significant architect of the influential Mississippi delta blues style and also recorded under the names The Masked Marvel and Elder J J Hadley.

He enjoyed a brief recording career but made a lasting impact with the 51 songs he recorded for Paramount in a fertile period between and The poet laureate of rock and roll and high priest of rhythm and blues, St. From Vinton, Louisiana, but raised in Texas, Brown was a multi-instrumentalist who, inspired by axe-slinger, T-Bone Walker, began his career playing blazing electric guitar.

Comprising ex-Yardbirds guitarist, Eric Clapton, along with bassist Jack Bruce and flamboyant drummer, Ginger Baker, Cream was a volatile but progressive supergroup whose rule at the pinnacle of British blues-rock tree was short but eventful. The apotheosis of blues-rock. Born Ruth Lee Jones in Alabama, Washington possessed a distinctive voice defined by clear diction and a tart, bittersweet tone. Mississippi born and bred, James sang in a brash, declamatory style and played a mean slide guitar.

He patented an earthy electric delta blues sound that was inspired by Robert Johnson whom he knew and Tampa Red. Regarded as one of the best guitarists of all-time, Clapton paid tribute to his blues roots with this, his thirteenth solo studio LP. Though it mainly consisted of self-penned material, the influence of the Mississippi delta blues style is almost palpable. Though he was a talented multi-instrumentalist who could play guitar and piano, Arkansas-born Frost rose to prominence as a harmonica specialist mentored by the legendary blues harp blower, Sonny Boy Williamson.

The youngest of three regal-named bluesmen, this Texas-born, Chicago-raised singer and guitarist began his career in the s. Deeply influenced by blues music, Belfast-born Moore started his career playing the guitar with Northern Irish band Skid Row in the early 70s before briefly joining Thin Lizzy.

Originally from Greenwood, Mississippi, Slim real name Eddie Jones enjoyed a recording career that only lasted eight years, between and Renowned for his flamboyant stage act and colorful attire, Slim was also one of the first guitarists to use distortion.

Born Theodore Roosevelt Taylor in Natchez, Mississippi, hoarse-throated singer and guitarist Hound Dog Taylor had a rare physiological condition known as polydactylism , which resulted in him having six digits on each hand. The album had a profound impact on British blues-rock bands. Some of them turned up on this, his debut LP, a blues barnstormer that took his unique style of music to a new audience.

All noted exponents of blues harmonica, Cotton, Branch, Musselwhite and Norcia teamed up to spectacular effect on Superharps , an enjoyable romp through eleven original tunes. Many of them appeared on this album, which despite its title, was recorded in a studio and not in front of an audience.

A smooth-voiced Mississippi singer who accompanied himself with guitar and harmonica, Rogers was born Jay Arthur Lane and was a crucial figure in the development of south side Chicago blues during the early s. With his gruff voice accompanied by jagged, driving guitar and a boogie beat established by his tapping foot, the prolific John Lee Hooker forged an immediately recognizable delta blues sound that proved profoundly influential.

This triple CD set focused on an overlooked collection of early Hooker recordings that remained unreleased until the s. Strangely, none of his singles for the Chicago Chess label cut during the first half of the s entered the charts, but they were eventually rounded up on a well-received album, House Of The Blues. Macclesfield born multi-instrumentalist Mayall is still going strong at Arguably his finest moment came fifty-four years ago when he led a band called Blues Breakers, which featured a rising guitar star who had previously been with The Yardbirds: Eric Clapton.

Though the album shot to No. Nevertheless, Blues Breakers remains a highly-regarded cornerstone of British blues-rock and is an obvious pick for one of the greatest blues albums ever.

He had big shoes to fill, but the Welwyn Garden City-born youngster immediately made a lasting impact with his intuitive grasp of the blues language. This nimble-fingered albino Texas axe-slinger started his professional career at 15 years old and recorded his first solo album a decade later. Second Winter , his sophomore album — a three-sided LP with the fourth side left intentionally blank — featured his younger brother, Edgar, on keys. From Greenville, South Carolina, this much-garlanded singer and guitarist was also an accomplished actor and vociferous Civil Rights activist who found favor in the Whitehouse during the presidency of Franklin D.

The title song, a live recording, is an eloquent and humorous observation on the absurdity of racism and class division. The song of a preacher, Johnson was a country blues singer and fingerstyle electric guitar player from Atlanta, Georgia.

Born Huddy Ledbetter in Louisiana, Lead Belly accompanied his tremulous, high tenor voice with a string acoustic guitar. Half of the songs were previously unissued sides, ranging from wailing blues ballads to sober meditations on loss, bad luck and prison life. A self-taught pianist and singer from Nashville, Tennessee, Carr worked initially as an accompanist for other blues singers before performing as a solo artist in his own right.

He was 56 when he recorded this track collection. It revived the New Orleans jazz style of the s via a selection of original material and covers arranged for piano, cornet, and banjo. Montgomery shared the vocals with Elaine McFarland.

James Milton Campbell is better known to blues and soul fans as Little Milton, a dynamic singer and guitarist originally from Inverness, Mississippi.

The biggest was the No. Marion Walter Jacobs was the birth name of Louisiana-born Little Walter, widely regarded as one of the best blues harmonica players of all time. A prolific recording artist and virtuosic guitarist, New Orleans-born Johnson was a blues pioneer who invented the idea of the lead guitar solo. His innovation, radical at the time, of playing single-note melodies that combined expressive string-bending and vibrato, eventually became the norm and was adopted by a host of fretboardists, including Django Reinhardt and T-Bone Walker.

Though originally from Oklahoma, singer and hot-shot guitar slinger, Fulson, became a pivotal figure of the American west coast blues scene from the late s onwards.

Baptized Samuel Maghett, Mississippi-born Magic Sam was raised on the music of Muddy Waters and Little Walter and, at the age of 19, moved to Chicago, where he recorded for the local Cobra label in the late 50s.

King and Willie Dixon. With its fusion of soulful urbanity and raw, delta earthiness, the record would prove a blueprint for modern blues recordings. Lizzie Douglas was better known as Memphis Minnie, a prolific country blues doyenne originally from Algiers, Louisiana, who got her first guitar as a Christmas present when she was seven.

It features guest cameos from Paul Simon, Carlos Santana, and an uncredited Steve Miller on a broad selection of material. A potent blues-rock manifesto. A bottleneck guitar specialist from Rossville, Tennessee, McDowell first learned to play slide guitar using a filed-down beef bone. McDowell is in magnetic form, shining on nine scintillating tracks. Hurt possessed a distinctive singing voice: a light, airy, high tenor, which he underpinned with a delicate but rhythmically fluent fingerstyle guitar accompaniment.

He was 35 years old when he recorded two sessions for the Okeh label after being recommended to the company by violinist, Willie Narmour.

Allison was a white hipster from Tippo, Mississippi, who sang, played mean blues piano and wrote songs that blended satire with a social conscience.

Three years shy of his sixtieth birthday, Water is backed by a superb band including pianist Otis Spann and harmonica player, James Cotton , delivering a bravura performance. On this magnificent album, however, he played an acoustic guitar on what was an intimate, unplugged-style session that attempted to latch on to the folk music revival of the early 60s.

A landmark blues recording. Hailing from Mississippi, Rush learned to play the guitar when he was eight and moved to Chicago when he was fourteen after hearing a Muddy Waters record. Chicago harmonica player and singer, Paul Butterfield, led one of the most significant American blues-influenced bands of the s. The star turn came from guitarist, Mike Bloomfield, whose fretboard work is outstanding throughout.

More significantly, the exotic minute title song — defined by extended improvisational passages over a mesmeric, open-ended groove — lit the touchpaper for both acid and west coast rock. East-West is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest and most influential albums in the history of blues-rock. For most of his life, this Mississippi-born practitioner of hill country blues received scant attention though in his final decade began to receive the accolades his music deserved. Although his craggy voice is mostly framed by slick, contemporary production values courtesy of looped beats and DJ scratches , the music still resonates with an authentic, Mississippi delta-steeped blues feel.

The winner of five Grammy awards, Georgia-born Cray, now 66, is considered a member of the blues old guard. Back in at the age of thirty, he was a newbie who helped reinvigorate the moribund US blues scene with the hit album, Bad Influence.

Strong Persuader , his fourth long-player recorded three years later, went double platinum in the USA, where it peaked at No. King Of The Delta Blues Singers was the first-ever compilation of his music and helped Johnson reach a new audience in the s. A nimble-fingered guitar wizard from County Donegal, Ireland, who played like a man possessed, Gallagher led the band Taste in the second half of the s before going solo in After years of obscurity, James would finally taste acclaim in the s when he recorded more frequently.

This compilation focuses on his earliest recordings, a bunch of 78s made in for Paramount Records where he first established his idiosyncratic style. After his clutch of early 78s released in for Paramount fell on deaf ears, James slipped into anonymity but was rediscovered and coaxed back to the recording studio three decades later as a result of the s blues and folk revival. James was 64 when he recorded Today! A former Baptist preacher who was imprisoned for a year after killing a man in self-defense, he sang with a sermonizing intensity, accompanying his vocals with metallic slide guitar.

Like Skip James, he recorded in for Paramount and was later plucked from obscurity by the folk-blues revival. The remaining antique gems are incredibly obscure. A fascinating history lesson for delta blues scholars.

The Real Folk Blues , mainly a compilation of earlier tracks for Chess, came out in One half of a famous country blues duo with Brownie McGhee, Georgia-born Terry real name Saunders Terrell was a blind singer and harmonica player who also made several noteworthy solo albums. This track retrospective spans two decades and features several cuts with McGhee playing the guitar.

Heavily influenced by Albert King and Jimi Hendrix, Vaughan was a virtuoso guitar slinger from Dallas, Texas, whose meteoric career was cut short by a fatal helicopter crash.

Of the five albums he made in his 35 years, this, his debut, is arguably his best, showcasing his compelling fretboard style and commanding tone. That honor belonged to T-Bone Walker, whose piece de resistance was doing the splits during a guitar solo. A pioneer of electric blues, Walker had a profound impact on many guitarists who followed in his wake, ranging from B. King to Buddy Guy and Eric Clapton.

Despite being a compilation drawn from various late 50s sessions, T-Bone Blues had a unity of sound and intent that made it appear a coherent work. Born Aaron Thibeaux Walker, this Texas singer and guitarist was renowned for his flamboyant showmanship. However, behind the dazzling stage presence lay a considerable musical talent who blended blues with jazz and swing. Born in Harlem and raised in Massachusetts, Mahal real name Henry Saint Clair Fredericks is a singer, guitarist and blues harp player who performed with a California-based band called Rising Sons with Ry Cooder before signing a solo deal with Columbia in Although his self-titled debut contained three Sleepy John Estes tunes alongside blues standards by Blind Willie McTell, Sonny Boy Williamson, and Robert Johnson, Mahal was able to stamp his personality on the material and imbue it with a sense of gritty authenticity.

A legendary group who at their peak represented the pinnacle of southern blues-rock, the Allman Brothers Band was formed in Florida in and thanks to the dueling guitars of Duane Allman and Dickey Betts quickly made a name for itself. New Orleans Piano Professor is a scintillating solo piano recital recorded in his home town a year before his death. Let us know in the comments section, below.

Too bad that you only looked at US and UK blues greats. You might wanna check them on Spotify or iTunes. This list has too many blues inspired classic rock bands on it. They are not blues bands, no matter how hard they try. Its near impossible to get all of them, but you need to take the classic rock bands off and replace them with real blues players like the ones listed above. I have to disagree with you concerning the Alman Brothers not being a blues band. Although The Rolling Stones are definitely not a blues Band.

When they tour they sit in with blues bands after the gig. Strictly speaking, Harmonica Slim may be correct about several blues-inspired bands appearing on a blues-exclusive list. Blues musicians and writers who are now household names were driving buses or working odd jobs in many cases…..

Chances are most of us would not even be aware enough to discuss, much less compile, a list of great blues albums if not for guys like John Mayall. Cream were Cream, by no stretch of the imagination, can they be called a blues band. If not for rolling stones early blues albums not the rock stuff I only learn later on that type of music was blues, Also the animals, yardbirds and canned heat promoted the blues as pop music.

Those bands are not blues bands but, rather, blues-inspired. Exactly my sentiments. I noticed that too. I might beg to differ on The Allman Brothers though. Hendrix played some killer blues. Not that I know of anyway. Canadian blues artists are missing here! Maybe you did research but you seem biased to American and English whites as well as universally recognized blues artists!

You forgot Dutch Mason the Prime Minister of the blues. I am thinking that udiscovermusic is not living up to its name but being arrogant in essentially pushing the idea that blues is English-American. It originated somewhere, found a place in America, became known in England, Canada too I would argue and perhaps many other places.

I am prepared to ignore your future posts if you continue with American and English biases and continue ignoring Canada and other countries. You might want to re-evaluate your stance on Stevie Ray Vaughan too. It is one of my favourites of his, Family Style being another, but there is his live music too where we really see his genius unfiltered by record producers etc. Hi Bert. I used to have in the early ies an album with Dutch band Living Blues.

Im a bit sad that I dont have it anymore. I also remember that the guitarist played a black Gibson Les Paul Custom. Endless Boogie, John Lee Hooker. This has got to be on the list. Right on Bert. When I 1st heard Groeten uit Grolloo I was hooked , have many records of their music. Good listening. I totally agree that these 2 Dutch bands should be added to the list! Anyway: thanks for your comment!

Muddy Waters The London Sessions. Memphis Slim Lonesome. John Lee Hooker Jr. Live at Soledad Prison. Johnny Winter First Winter. We went to Tower Records on Columbus Ave. Thank you, Wanda. I bought it, of course, and we went back to my place and played it several times.

We agonised over Big Willie, because he appears on very few lists. We consoled ourselves with the fact that he composed so many tunes that are all over these albums. Chicken Shack appears on so few lists of greats, sad to say. Like you we have a soft spot for them.

What about The Groundhogs? Groundhogs are great. I agree with you regarding Savoy Brown, John. I thought the same thing. Joe Bonamassa is said by nearly all of the guitar, blues, and rock music magazines to be the best living blues guitarist and should be on the list he is much better than Johnny Lang, a contemporary who is on the list.

John Hammond, Jr. JB is a blues hack who can only play fast but has very little feel or soul. As far as best living guitarist, not sure if anyone tops Derek Trucks right now. As far as Joe B…ur right on.

A blues hack? Well, I respect that you are entitled to your opinion, but I wonder if you have heard him play live? And I do believe the late, great BB King would disagree with you…. And you are an expert? If so, one without open mindedness and compassion I would bet. Do you even play blues or are you an armchair critic? Your point is well taken. I agree. How is that left off? At least you did include Texas Flood …. Good to see Lonnie Johnson here. Have you heard his Blues and Ballads album with Elmer Snowden?

I cant imagine how anything could be better that this one. You missed a real gem…….. Excellent recording with a superb interview of Nighthawk by Michael Bloomfield! Is Awesome! Duke Robilliard — Dukes Blues — Delightfull! Rory Block — When a woman gets the blues — Sweet! A stunning album that never seems to get noticed…. Both worthwhile considerations for sure. Lead Belly.

The Same Old Story. Big Maybelle. Let the Good Times Roll Creole. Memphis Slim. Good Morning Little School Girl. Mississippi Fred McDowell. Boogie Woogie Papa.

Gatemouth Moore. Track Listing - Disc 2. Dead Man Blues. Jelly Roll Morton. Storym Monday Blues. Baby Please Don't Go. Grand Theft Auto. AOR Breaks. Hit Parade. The Blues Experience. Delilah - Love Someone.

Now the Music - The Acoustics. Let's Rock. Pure Attraction: 18 Essential Love Songs. Die ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten Pure Rock. Dinner Ballads. Pori Jazz 40th Anniversary Album Jazz on a Island Life: 50 Years of Island Records.

Ruby Lee. Some Like It Hot. Drakkar Noir: Best of Rock, Volume 2. Dreams disc 4. Acoustic Affairs 2. Hot Hits Adult Contemporary Volume Island Life Remember Sounds of the Seventies: Top Gear: On the Road Again. The Boys Are Back in Town disc 2. Classic Rock: 70's.

Platin, Volume 5. Heart of Rock. Hit Club Million Sellers Rock Line 3. Double Shot of Blues 2. Sounds of the 70s, Volume 3. Mr Music Hits Flower Power: Born to Be Wild. Great Hits. Sounds of the 70s. Across the Universe: Deluxe Edition. Oh Happy Day! Superhits of Rock Top Collective 90's, Vol. Turn Back the Hands of Time… The 70's. Across the Universe Music from the Motion Picture. Across the Universe Music from the Motion Picture Across the Universe Motion Picture Soundtrack.

Across the Universe Deluxe Edition [Music from the Class Reunion Greatest Hits of Topcollectie 90's vol. The Best of Woodstock. Summer of Love. The Best Long Versions Volume 2. Our Generation: Hits From the Sixties. Shared Vision: The Songs of the Beatles. Born to Rock. Rock Line. Flower Power. The Rock Collection: Rock Stars. Sounds of the Sixties: Woodstock ' The Sixties, Volume 3. Rockline, Volume 1. Turn Back the Hands of Time: More 60s.

The Golden Age of Underground Radio. Hifi Visionen: Oldie-CD 1. Hifi Visionen: Oldie-CD Golden Memories of the 60s. Sixties Top Seventies Top Die Hit-Giganten: Flower Power. Classic Rock Superstars. Hifi Visionen: Best of Oldies. The No. That Loving Feeling. Blue Eyed Soul. L'album pop rock , Volume 1. The Spirit of the 60s: Radio Saigon, Volume 3. Sixties Beat. Classic Rock Box: Live! Woodstock 40th Anniversary. Volume 3. A Tower Records Tribute to the Beatles.

Top of the Morning With Terry Wogan. Tijdloze honderd, Volume 2. The Piano and the Song. Sixties Power Ballads. Baby Boomer Classics: Sixties, Volume 3. Rock Anthems. Vietnam: Songs From the Divided House. Good Morning Vietnam. Mellow Sixties. With a Little Help. Ultimate Rock, Volume 4. Le Top des Slows. The Royal. Best of the Best Classical Oldies. The Best of Sixties Mania.

Rock With the Stars. The Best No. Top 40 Hitdossier Pop Giganten: Hits der 60er. Million Sellers 6 The Sixties. Fifty Number One's of the 60's. Legends II. The Best Rock Ballads Drakkar Noir - Best of Rock, Volume 1. Yop'n'Roll Fever. Kuschelrock Special Edition: Rock Hymnen.

Tendrement Slow. Testament van de Sixties. The Classic Sixties Collection - California Dreamin'. Classic Rock: Good Morning Vietnam, Volume 3. Le Top des Sixties. Everlasting Pop Song, Volume 1. Rock Times, Volume 7: Bestseller auf dem Plattenteller disc 1.

Ready Steady Go! Flower Power Daze. Easy Rider. Classic Love. A Groovy Kind of Love. The Woodstock Generation. Remember the 60's. Die ultimative Chartshow - Werbe-Songs. KuschelRock: Rock Hymnen. Legends of Rock. Nightmoves Live. Rock Classics. My Generation. All-Time Great Rock Classics. The Ultimate Collection: Number 1s. Summer of Love Album - 24 Sixties Anthems. The Rock Collection: Rock Hits. Super Cover Hits. Rock FM. The Summer of Love. Radio 2 Top Editie Solid Silver 60s.

Beatles 50 Years. Magic Bus: Summer of Love. Radio 1 Classics JOE - Top , Vol. It's The 60s! Magic: The Album That's Love: Simply the Best of Love. True Power-Ballads. You Raise Me Up. Banda Sonora Original. Hitarchief Top , Volume 2. Love at the Movies. Vilde Riis. Alle 40 Goed: Stijldansen.

The 80s Part 2. A Collection of Great Music. For the Children of Guatemala and Kosovo. Car Classics. Wetten dass..? Das Beste aus 20 Jahren. Follow Your Heart Music Collection. Absolute Cinema. BFGoodrich Take Control. Die Hit-Giganten: Film Hits. Brigitte dancing: Saturday Night. Best of - Das Jahrzehnt. Slow Motion Special Edition. Mum Rocks! Jim Beam: 40 Shots of Rock. Legends III. Rock Super Stars, Volume 3. Slow Motion 6. One Shot '80, Volume 12 Movies.

Die Hit-Giganten: Hot Hits. Music for Striptease, Volume 1. Bravo Hits 8. Lady in Red, Volume 2. Ronny's Pop Show Donnamour, Volume 2. Die Hit-Giganten: Legenden. SWR1 - 80 80er Digitalalbum. Die Hit-Giganten: Cover-Hits. Driving Music 3. Superstars New Woman: The Autumn Collection. Summer ' De Grootste Zomerhits Aller Tijden. Absolute Summer Vibes. Best of Super Stars, Volume 3. Nostalgie Summer Party Legenden - Die Hit Giganten. La Magia del Grande Cinema. SWR1 Achtzig 80er, Vol.

School of Rock. Music for Cruizin': Cruizin' for a Bruizin'. Bams Oldie Party - Evergreens. Anni '80 - The Hits, Vol. Stars 80 La bande originale du film. Ochentosos, Vol. Endlich Sommer. Original Soundtrack. Super Movie Hits. Hifi Visionen: Pop-CD 6.

Gentle On My Mind, Vol. Die Internationale. Rock Super Stars, Vol. Classic Rock Box. Driving Music. Anni '80 - The Hits Vol. Las canciones de EGB. Sky Radio Zomer Hits. Marek Sierocki Przedstawia: I love Film. Nostalgie Top Molly: Counting Down the Hits. Sound of the 80's.

Sommar Hits. Sounds of the Eighties: Cinemax Movie Hits of the '80s. Kuschelrock 6. The Love Album: Everlasting Love disc 2. The Sound of TV. Love Songs Gold. As Mais Da Antena 1. Unplugged: The Best Acoustic Versions.

Unforgettable: The Ultimate Ballad Collection. The Very Best of Love Legends. Gold: Soft Rock. Diamonds: Love Songs Are Forever. As Mais Da Antena 1, Volume 2.

Golden Classics. Best of Acoustic Rock. Sampler Gold. Chicken Soup for the Soul: Love and Inspiration. All You Need Is Love. The Best Love Ever. Singers and Songwriters: Knuffelrock 4.

Kuschelrock: The Very Best Of. Time Life Ultimate Wedding Songs. Love Songs. Singers and Songwriters Collection. La Collection Georges Lang. Come Fly With Me. The Bands. Today's Most Requested Love Songs Touched by Love.

Me to You With Love. De Mooiste Openingsdansen. The Ultimate Love Songs Collection. Dance On and On - Different Styles. Cocaine: J. Cale 8. I Wonder: Robert Cray Band She's Not There: Santana Nineties Blues: Chris Rea Fade To Black: Dire Straits Steamy Windows: Tony Joe White Walking The Dog: Rufus Thomas Red House previously unreleased version : Jimi Hendrix. See all reviews. Unlimited One-Day Delivery and more. There's a problem loading this menu at the moment.

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You Don't Love Me: – Bo Diddley: Hey Bo Diddley: – Bo Diddley: Before You Accuse Me: – Bo Diddley: Road Runner: – Willie Dixon: Don't Let That Music Die: – Willie Dixon: I Ain't Gonna Be Your Monkey Man: – Willie Dixon: Money Tree Blues: – Willie Dixon: Since My Baby Gone: – Willie Dixon: No.

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  1. Nineties Blues Written-By – Chris Rea: 14 – Dire Straits: Fade To Black Written-By – Mark Knopfler: 15 – Tony Joe White: Steamy Windows Written-By – Tony Joe White: 16 – Rufus Thomas: Walking The Dog Written-By – Rufus Thomas: 17 – George Thorogood: Who Do You Love (Live) Written-By – McDaniel* 18 4/5(6).
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